ATN collaborated with the International Observe the Moon Night and translated the broacher in 13 languages.



Malay language group established.


Our translated IAU Themes are now directly accessible from the IAU website!
Check the bottom right corner of these pages to see in what languages they are available:

More coming soon!


Our collaboration with the World Space Week Association allowed us to collect more than 20 translated posters prepared by our volunteers! We are extremely thankful for their time and efforts. The poster page was visited more than 4000 times between September and October!


XXX IAU General Assembly: During the IAU GA in Vienna this August, the Project Manager Berenice Himmelfarb presented the Astronomy Translation Network platform and its achievements for the Focus Meeting 14 on the “IAU’s role on global astronomy outreach, the latest challenges and bridging different communities”.


Berenice Himmelfarb, the intern assistant of Yukiko Shibata, will take the position of Project Manager until November 2018. We deeply thank her for her efforts and work for the network and hope she will come back soon!




FAQ page is published. We created the FAQs based on the questions on translation, proofreading and materials, which we received from our volunteers and collaborators. The answers were prepared with the graduate students of ISIT through the research collaboration. We appreciate our volunteer, Kristen Cote for helping with proofreading the English.

Report of the research project with ISIT: the research project with ISIT (School of Management, Communication, Training in law and Translation) finished in May. One group create guidelines for translators and proofreaders (English, French) and glossary guidelines to be used by volunteers. The guidelines became the base of the FAQ page. Another group works on benchmarking and platform design. Their report provided us with valuable ideas to build an appropriate platform. Some recommended functions will be applied for upgrading the current website.

Polish and Filipino Language Groups were established.


Spanish language group established.


The project was presented at CAP2018.

The world’s largest conference on astronomy communication: Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018 (CAP 2018) was held in Japan on 24 – 28 March 2018. The Astronomy Translation Project was presented as a plenary talk. The project manager, Yukiko Shibata introduced the project and expressed what we learned from the challenging project.

Go to the CAP2018 website: https://www.communicatingastronomy.org/cap2018/


French language group established.



Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese language group established.


Research project with ISIT started.

ISIT is a school specialised in translation and based in Paris. For the students’ research project, we started a research collaboration with two students groups from October 2017 to May 2018. One group will create translation guidelines and a glossary format to be used by volunteers. Another group will work on benchmarking and platform design. That brings a lot of benefit to the project with support from language experts.

August – October

Survey for collecting resources

To consider “How to select good resources,” we set up a survey with Astronomers Without Borders to ask people to recommend resources to translate. Gabrielle Simard, our project assistant, analysed 155 responses. Please see her poster presentation in Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2018 (CAP 2018).