About Project

There are many good astronomy resources in education and public outreach (EPO) available, but most of the time they’re only available in one language, mainly English. A key factor in astronomy outreach/communication and education is to have astronomy materials available locally in local languages. Currently, few efforts are being made to address the translation of astronomy EPO resources that are limited to particular sources and regions. To address this issue so that volunteers the whole world over can cooperate, the ‘Astronomy Translation Network’ is a global networking framework that centralizes good resources and those needing translation, and match translation needs with volunteers. We welcome your participation in the project:

We welcome your participation in the project:


To provide the world’s best open resources accessible without language barriers.

To build a network of active translators to support translation needs.

To provide high-quality translations through an assessment and review process.


To identify important resources that should be available for translation.

To develop a workflow for individual and collaborative translation.

To implement a review system to improve the quality of translation.

Resources to Translate

The project translates astronomy outreach and educational materials from educational resources, articles, photos, games, applications, citizen-science projects, and IAU-specific content to support a wider reach. Check our available and translated resources here.


* When we secure funds, we will develop a web platform to handle the workflow and database on a management system.

We need Volunteers!

At the core of the Astronomy Translation Network is the volunteer force. There are four ways to contribute to translation activities.

  • Language Coordinator
  • Translator
  • Proofreader
  • Scientific Reviewer

Your translation will help to promote astronomy education and outreach around the world. You also can gain language skills, knowledge, and access to companies through volunteering. In addition, we are planning to create a certification system for volunteers, which will issue certificates in recognition of your volunteer work.

If you are interested in the project, please contact us at translation@oao.iau.org